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Blondin Consortium Gives Back

Making a difference within our community

Book your birthday party or special day celebration with us.


Our journey to making a difference

A chance meeting

In 2018 two community minded individuals, Karen and Linda met each other for the first time and decided that a collaboration of minds would be the way forward to making a difference in the community. Users of Blondin Park were asked what they wanted to see within the park, Unanimously the answer was toilets.  To have toilets there had to be a building. The Blondin Consortium was formed with its first mission.

How we did it

Making a Difference

Fist Bump
  • We engaged with Ealing council for permission to use their land.

  • We fundraised across local parks and community events.

  • Having designed a building we approached funders including the London Marathon Charitable Trust with our project.

  • 2020 we were ready to place our order for the Community Pavilion.

Making a difference amongst our Community

The Blondin Park Community Pavilion, a social warm place, opened its doors in September 2021 offering a café and venue hire facilities.


The Blondin Pavilion

What we have achieved

Fundraised for a building - cost £450,000

Running the café  with a team of volunteers including some with special needs 

Operating the mirror room providing daily exercise classes run by professionals and a party venue for weekends

Fundraised for wayfaring lights around the paths of the park

Installed 5 street lights to aid those leaving the pavilion late at night - controlled by the consortium

Installed an outdoor table tennis table and a foot volleyball table

Conservation work includes weeding, mulching and tree planting

Commissioned Ealing amateur photographers art project which is on display in the park

Father Xmas arrives 17 12 22.jpeg

It's not just about toilets


The Pavilion Café is open 7 days a week.  Run by volunteers offering a friendly service.

The Consortium take the lead

  • on volunteering opportunities including

  • Duke of Edinburgh

  • Conservation work

  • Managing the bookings for the sports pitch

  • General park maintenance

Every day is an event but nothing like Father Christmas arriving on a trike. This year the event will take place at 2pm on 9th December 2023

Where else can you find a coffee or a cup of tea for a pound?  Our barista coffee is only £2.50.  Home made cakes finish off the visit a treat 

Making a Difference


We know we have created an amazing hub for our community but we ask you to visit us and then spread the word so that we can reach more people.  

We are open to new suggestions so if there is something you would like to see us do - please let us know.

Making a Difference

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